Staying motivated and consistent

Hey everyone! I hope all is amazing and everyone is fulfilled! Lets get this chit-chatter started. So I have a hobby/talent that I know will make me happy and have the ability to leave my stresdful 9 to 5. However, I know this talent is amazing and people will love it, I just need to dig deep down inside myself to step out on faith and put myself out to the world! Besides, if no one knows what your gift is, how can you spead and share it? I have decided to make 2018 the year to do it! Share my gift to the world!

I wanted to discuss some ways I plan to stay motivated and excited about my gift and Not, I repeat not get discouraged.

Lets go!!

1. Prayer, we must honor the most high because without him there is no us.

2. Give thanks and feel greatful, we are here for a reason and we all have purpose.

3. Invision where you want to be. See yourself already there, reaching your goals. Store that wonderful feeling.

4. Find a mentor that is an expert in the craft you’re interested in and ask them for feedback.

5. Just do it! Don’t be scared and definitely don’t be lazy or procrastinate! You’ll never know what can be if you don’t try. So TRY!

6. Don’t listen to everyone, Do You!

7. Surround yourself with honest, positive, like minded individuals that are goal oriented.

8. Last tip of the day, patience! Rome wasn’t built in a day, so watch, nurture and cultivate your craft.

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