Good Morning Sunshines!!!!

Good Morning Everyone,

Sorry it’s been awhile since my last inspirational post. Today I wanted to make a point to tell you to go after your dreams. No matter what obstacles that come your way, just know you can overcome them. I am a person who knows about life obstacles and challenges, they have made me the person I am today. I was an individual that would “sweat the small stuff” but a life changing experience help me realize that you only get on life and you should live in the moment. Now, I’m not saying doing anything foolish that could harm you or others but, do something that YOU know you been thinking, dreaming, and yearning to do. Or do something that just popped up in your mind or sparked your interest. Have you ever had the feeling that today was going to be the day to be creative or adventurous?

Speaking of sweating the small stuff I was a person that was so consumed with my job. Yes, I said a JOB. I have been working in the same industry for over 15 years and I hate every moment of it. I am so good at what I do that random people has always come to me and tell me how inspirational I am. Various people I would meet would say I should be a storyteller, fashion stylist, motivational speaker, etc. I have always  been secretly thinking the same thing but, I have been putting what I wanted to really do in life for years. Now I can’t blame anyone for myself for this stagnant behavior. One day I looked up and didn3t realize how much time has flown by. I ponder about what I have or have not done over the past years. Don’t get me wrong I am a great person and a hard worker but I was just working to hard to maintain someone else’s business instead of my own. I know during this time span was a lesson I am destined to learn. I do know I will not dwell on the past but progress forward in my new forward transition.

I woke up one morning and decided that I was going to do what is best for me. Let me be honest I have been thinking about it but finally got the courage to go forward with it. I didn’t realize that the individual that I was surrounding myself with were not what I needed. They were not bad people just not going in the direction that I was trying to go. Fortunately for me, I had to distance myself from distracting individuals. Some did me a huge favor and stopped talking to me which I didn’t mind due to my newly transforming self. Anyone who doesn’t operate on positive plane on all levels is not for me!

My so called excuse for waiting for the right time to make a change and following my dream….⬇️

➡️I am a pretty outgoing social person when I need to be but for some reason I use to get nervous to tell people about my talent. I thought that I would come off as a sales person and push people away.

Now I have learned that its okay because I have met so many people like myself, business, goal, positive oriented! It’s a whole new world of individuals like me. It’s absolutely amazing the amount of strangers that I have met that are willing to have faith in you and share information and willing to be a friend. I am so grateful. I have share so much information to those who I have just recently met and its like a pot of great ideas and good energy! I couldn’t ask for more.

For now I am still at my job but I have a different attitude toward it where I am going to work operating in good energy and being grateful for having a job. I use some of my income to fund my businesses and I have made specific goals for myself. I will leave this current job and work somewhere else temporary that I can be happy until I completely transition away from and branch out into my own thing.

So enough of the chit-chatter for today, I wanted to share a little something for today. I will have a surprise in store. I will include y passion on this blog. You’ll see…watch!!

Have a beautiful and blessed day all!!

Remember, do what makes you happy, it will take time but go for it and know there are people out there that will support you!


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